Sunday, August 2, 2009


No time to walk.
No time to run.
You must fly.
Fly high like an eagle.
I give you wings.
Take care of them.
The wings are white.
Like My heart.
The wings are big.
Like My love to you.
Big and deep.
Don't ever give up, Child.
You know, I always be there for You.
I trust in you.
That's why I give You wings.
Let Us fly.
Higher and higher.
And see that your problem is too small for Me.
Just hold My hands.
I will take you fly.
Higher and higher.
Don't be afraid to the wind.
I will always protect you.
Don't look back, Child.
Look forward.
And see My plan is better than yours.
Let's fly.
Higher and higher.
Until you get the victory.
will you fly with Me?

Your Father,
Jesus Christ.

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